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Some Ichimoku Cloud experts around?

I read a lot about Ichimoku and wanted to backtest this strategy:
I need a little help. What I got so far is calculating all the lines, getting the crosses and directions.
But what does "Chikou Span in open space mean"? No other line or the price is below or above (depending on the direction) the chikou span? Wouldn't Step 5: "Price, Tenkan-Sen, Kijun-Sen, and Chikou Span should not be in the Cloud. If they are, it should be a thick Cloud.". contradict the Chikou Span beeing in open space?
About "thick Cloud". Is that the distance between span A and span B?

Thank you!
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Stratégie de trading - Ichimoku Tenkan Sen Kijun Sen - YouTube Trading the Cloud - The Tenken Sen Ichimoku Crossover Setup Ichimoku trading tenkan-sen kijun-sen cross.mp4 Ichimoku trading tenkan-sen kijun-sen cross PT 2.mp4 #2 Comprendre Ichimoku : Tenkan-Sen What is the Tenkan Sen Ichimoku Indicator?

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator is composed of several components, the Cloud (Kumo), Base Line (Kijun-sen), Conversion Line (Tenkan-sen), and the Lagging Span (Chikou Span). This may sound a lot, and it is, but all of it is relevant. These are basically variations of moving averages. Some are averages of midpoints, some are shifted, some are derivatives of the other lines. First, the Cloud ... The basic Ichimoku settings for Tenkan-sen is 9, Kyun-sen is 26, and Senkou Span B is 52. But, How to use Ichimoku Cloud in Forex? Ichimoku cloud we can use in trading as a trigger for buy and sell signals. Buy signal is presented when default red Tenkan Sen line crosses above the default blue Kijun sen line and both lines along with the price being above the cloud. Sell signal is presented if ... Tenkan Sen; Kijun Sen; Chikou Span; Senkou A; Senkou B ; These five elements together tell the entire story behind the chart, and the key for the trader is to understand each component individually and how they work together. Tenkan Sen. The first indicator is the Tenkan Sen, representing the short-term price movement. Its formula is: (Highest High plus Lowest Low)/2 for 9 periods. While using ... In diesem Beitrag wenden wir die Ichimoku-Handelsstrategie im Forex Daytrading an. Um mit Ichimoku zu handeln, müssen wir etwas Japanisch lernen. Tenkan Sen (Wendelinie): Durchschnitt des höchsten Hochs und des tiefsten Tiefs der letzten 9 Zeitperioden Kijun Sen (Standardlinie): Durchschnitt des höchsten Hochs und des tiefsten Tiefs der ... Dafür kann beispielsweise das Tenkan Sen/Kijun Sen Kreuz genutzt werden. Fazit. Ist einmal die Funktionsweise und die Bedeutung der einzelnen Linien des Ichimoku Kinko Hyo bekannt, kann innerhalb eines Augenblicks der Zustand eines Basiswertes bewertet und analysiert werden. Anhand der Linien können weiterhin sehr klare Bedingungen für einen ... Tenkan-sen – Mittelwert der letzten neun Perioden ((höchstes Hoch + niedrigstes Tief) / 2) ... Forex Ichimoku Kinko Hyo in Zusammenfassung. Das Ichimoku Handelssystem ist ein fortgeschrittener Indikator, welcher mehr Informationen als ein durchschnittliches technisches Analysetool offenbart. Mit etwas Übung können Sie die Daten auf einen Blick erfassen und sollten in der Lage sein ... Basic Ichimoku settings for Tenkan-sen is 9, Kyun-sen is 26, and Senkou Span B is 52 is several percents better in testing than Ichimoku settings 7 22 44 (Tenkan-sen is 7, Kyun-sen is 22, and Senkou Span B is 44 ). We tested these two most commonly used settings, on the Daily chart, for the last 20 years time frame. Major pairs EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, USDJPY, NZDJPY were used.

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Stratégie de trading - Ichimoku Tenkan Sen Kijun Sen - YouTube

Second part of the TK Cross video explaining about the Kumo future as a filter on your cross. Before deciding whether or not to participate in the Forex mark... Ichimoku trading tenkan-sen kijun-sen cross PT 2.mp4 - Duration: 7:44. ... Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategy for Forex Trading (Advanced-Beginner) - Duration: 24:27. Forex Lens Inc. 85,042 views ... - Wébinaires et séminaires gratuits: https://www.whselfinvest.fr/fr/trading_evenements_cfd_forex_futures_seminars_formations_apprendre_gratuit.php?lang=FR&wh... Ma méthode est principalement basée sur le système Ichimoku et l'action du prix. J'investis également sur les marchés actions et sur cryptos. 🌐 RESTONS EN CONTACT Kijun Sen & Tenkan Sen Ichimoku Simplified 2 in Hindi - Duration: 13:20. ... How To Trade Forex With Ichimoku Part II: The Lagging Line - Duration: 1:09:38. DailyFX EDU 11,934 views. 1:09:38 . How ... This is the second of the Ichimoku series of videos. In this video, we discuss the Tenkan Sen indicator. The Tenkan Sen represents the short term price action. The angle of the Tenkan Sen can give us some idea on how price has built up momentum over the past 9 periods (past 9 candles). If the Tenken Sen had a steep angle it means price has been moving ...